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About MARSHFIELD'S Family Owned and led
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In 1968, as Earl and Darleene Giese sat at their dining room table searching through a dictionary they landed on the word “Capitol” and that birthed the name Capitol Furniture & Appliance later evolving to Capitol Furniture & Carpet. In the 1970’s Jim Rice acquired the business and changed the name to Rice's Capitol Carpet. In 1982 Dave and Kathy Lenz purchased Rice’s Capitol Carpet that was located on main street and left the name the same. During those early years there were very few homes being built and interest rates were around 16%, what a tough time to buy and own a business! Fast forward many years Dave and Kathy moved Rice’s Capitol Carpet to their current location in 2001 (three months before the devastating attack of America on 9/11/2001) and just before the road out in front of the current building was removed, leaving only a mud path to get to Rice’s. In addition, that same year Dave and Kathy decided to expand by adding a warehouse. What a stressful time that must have been having 9/11 in your thoughts while moving, expanding the building, and then having the road removed. 2008 housing crash did not stop Dave and Kathy as they were fiscally prepared to keep Rice's Capitol Carpet alive. Scary times ahead……. In 2014 Dave was diagnosed with cancer but Dave battled through the cancer and later won the battle with the support of family, friends, and the Rice’s gang. Dave and Kathy and their team’s sacrifice paved the way for Brad and Kerry Lenz to make the purchase of the business from Brad’s Mom and Dad on Dec. 31st, 2015, as Dave and Kathy “let go of the vine” (so to speak) and retired. However, Dave also known as Bruno comes in every day to catch up on the B.S. and is the guru of finding the fantastic deals. Now with Brad and Kerry Lenz at the helm (so to speak) on January 1st, 2016 we merged our Installation business called Hard Surface Flooring LLC with Rice’s Capitol Carpet and Created Rice’s Capitol Carpet LLC merging together amazing installation craftspersons with amazing Retail Service Associates. 

Brad Lenz installed hard surface for many years with his first tile install being in 1998 around a whirlpool tub in Stevens Point as a subcontractor with Elroy Schoenfuss. Elroy is now a team member of Rice’s with a focus on their PSA/IC duties along with commercial projects and problem-solving the bigger issues. Some of Rice’s Installation craftspersons have been installing with them for around 20 years and some of our longtime subcontracting vendors over 30 years! Brad’s roots are in flooring and installation with a passion for better pay and doing things right on the installation side. In 2016 Rice’s More Than Floors cloud-based technology was unleashed to the team. From their humble beginnings of pen and paper to now in 2023 they are nearing 100% cloud-based technology, much of the business operations can be accessed from most anywhere in the world. 2016-2021 Also known as “the messy middle” was a blur due to the long hours that were put in to put the systems in place, creating processes, best practices, and just doing the daily operations. 2017 Brought in the partnership with Benjamin Moore products including paint which paired well with the Hunter Douglas Window treatments that Rice’s also sells. During these “messy middle” years on July 16th (also Brad and Kerry’s Birthday) 2018 Rebecca Mather joined the Rice’s Family and soon became the General Manager. Rebecca has been intentionally working on herself and growing into an exceptional leader who cares. The year 2020 rolled in and there was the circumstance of COVID. The thought of not knowing if Rice’s was “essential” or “not essential” and covid itself caused them to put unnecessary stress on themselves. This stress combined with near zero sleep caused by their thoughts of covid put them on a different trajectory and molded them into the organization they are today. The year 2021 brought in the award of Rice’s receiving the Small Business of the Year which can be credited to the amazing Rice’s team, friends, clients, and vendors. One team member in particular, Bob Lenz, has worked with the Rice’s organization at some capacity since around 1992. 30+ years later Bob continues to grow sales with Rice’s More Than Floors. Bob’s future is bright as he has started the practice of our core values. Also, in 2018 Rice’s moved forward with a showroom and warehouse showroom expansion, Rice’s is now operating from a fantastic 13,000 square foot facility. The period of 2015-2023 has seen interior and exterior improvements, internal process improvements, organizational health focus, zero liability goal, self-sufficiency approach, heavily embraced technological advancements while intentionally building a culture focused on internal personal growth. What a wild ride it may have felt like for the past employees and our current team members. Brad and Kerry started the brand refresh from Rice’s Capitol Carpet LLC to Rice’s More Than Floors LLC. In 2023 after many years of struggle to see then, to put into words, their values they now know that the vision will create itself because these values are in place. This has led to the successes you will experience at Rice’s and the successes that will come from future misses as they practice their core purpose, niche, and values. With Brad’s courage in “believing to see” and wisdom, the vision will be created. Now... one might ask themselves what arrow will the target draw in next that will add to the Rice’s More Than Floors rich 55-year experience? Maybe you are the arrow? If you feel it in your bones that you are the next arrow then text,....... “I am the Arrow!” to 715-305-0858, along with your favorite quote and your first and last name and we will start the process.

A message from Brad

The journey of Kerry and I co-owning Rice’s starting in 2015 would have been much more difficult without the support of family and friends, including Ryan & Heather Grissman, Eugene & Beatrice Erikson, David & Kathy Lenz, and Charles & Marie Kaufman who played critical roles for the Rice’s transformation to occur. Our three children, Vivian, Cashton & Mia grew the most during this transition as they spent many days falling asleep at work with us, home alone, many nights going to bed without us and when Kerry and I were physically there we were thousands of miles away in our heads. Fast forward to 2023 the worry, anxiety, pain, and suffering (AKA creatures) we now understand are just things we made up in our heads. The knowing in our bones that the creatures we create between our ears cannot be taken away because they were never real in the first place! This knowing has helped us to start to uncover our authentic Self and we are still uncovering daily as we actively notice the Messengers and observe our thoughts and feelings . Now our 3 children have us there with them more than ever physically but most important, mentally. As my radiant wife, mother of 3, business partner, registered nurse and life coach Kerry M. Lenz says..... Lets Efing Go!!......... Forever grateful for this experience we call life. -Brad L. Lenz

Our Cores @ Rice's More Than Floors

Our Core Purpose

To show and be shown the Truth of what More Than Floors means.


Team | Rice's More Than Floors

Our core niche is the practice of

Exceeding expectations & providing today’s solutions with integrity**

**integrity is recognizing and choosing to do right over wrong in all circumstances

Core Niche | Rice's More Than Floors

The Rice's More Than Floors 5G Core Values


is the practice of

Mindfully observing, reflecting, and responding, knowing that my choice to not respond is also meaningful. These are responses that come from the Self**. It enables me to cultivate a non-reactive mindset. When faced with ego-driven behaviors like gossiping, people-pleasing, all about me, guilt, excuses, judgment, blame, role playing, controlling, negativity, grievances, complaining, victim mentality etc.

I strive to respond with grace and compassion towards my self**. This means consciously observing my thoughts, emotions, triggers, and reactions, reflecting, while extending self**-compassion.


is the practice of

Letting go of my grievances and guilt one by one.  I embrace failure as a chance to learn, avoid a fixed mindset, and actively cultivate self-discipline.

 By prioritizing personal development and maintaining a growth mindset, I am committed to continuously learning, evolving, and expanding my capabilities. 

Practicing letting go of my grievances and guilt will empower me to overcome challenges, pursue my aspirations, and live a fulfilling and purposeful life.


is the practice of

Having the willingness to make decisions and the dedication to see them through. It involves being open and genuine in my communication, taking decisive action, achieving goals with the focus on significance, actively observing myself** and surroundings, and being visible to others. It means letting go of my grievances and guilt while taking care of my own needs while also considering the needs of others.

Not giving up on myself and knowing that releasing the garbage in my mind is a decision.  


is the practice of

Laughing at self** and life's circumstances eases worry, anxiety, pain, fear, suffering, guilt, and/or negative feelings. It's not the circumstances causing my emotion(s), but rather my thoughts influenced by my conditioned mindset.

By recognizing this, I can bring lighthearted fun into my work and home plus find authentic laughter that arises from the Self**, creating a more positive and enjoyable experience.


is the practice of

Selflessly share various aspects of my life, such as knowledge, wisdom, time, materials, things, successes, and/or money, with others in our community without seeking attention to self**. Continually asking myself “does this choice benefit more than just me?”

This act of giving, known as "giving in order to keep," involves being open to receiving gifts while having the courage to give to others. However, I must possess these resources myself before I can contribute effectively.

By cultivating these assets, I can genuinely and generously give from a place of abundance, enriching lives and fostering a positive community.

**The capitalized 'Self' represents your authentic essence, while the lowercase 'self' refers to your identity, commonly known as the self. This identity acts as a mask and costume that we have unknowingly adopted, influenced by the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors imposed upon us by our parents, caregivers, family, and society. Additionally, our immediate environment and the influences we allow gradually shape our external image, which we often identify as our 'self'.


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