Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help take the confusion out of the installation process.

General Questions

Curious about the flooring installation processes or do you have specific question? Read on to get the answers you need or feel free to contact us.

A Project Site Advisor (PSA) will be scheduled to complete a site assessment and on average the site visit takes approximately 1.5 hours; during this time the PSA will thoroughly review the current conditions of your project as well as measure, verify substrate and review transitions (he or she will also document this information and will take photographs or videos).  

The size of your project will determine how long this site visit may take (and in some instances if you are completing tear out or prep work Rice’s may request to complete another site visit). Rice’s does not require anyone to be with them for a site visit, however, please review further with your Retail Service Associate (RSA) for additional information and to clarify what your site visit may entail.

Your RSA (Retail Service Associate) is the perfect resource for your specific project details, but a few items to note:

-Preparing Your Space:  Please ensure that all personal items are removed from the space, electronics/appliances that may be in the way of installation are removed, and the area is and will remain for the life of the flooring, climate controlled.

-Noise & Pets:  During installation there will be loud noises; please ensure pets are in a safe, secure place away from the project area for their safety. 

-Dust:  Although the Rice’s Team & Subcontracting Partners will do their best to minimize dust, additional dust will be created.  It’s recommended to change your air filters following installation to help remove some of the excess dust that will be created.

-Set Up:  Rice’s team members may need areas to set up their tools and work while at your location; please know that the team may request to utilize a covered garage and/or area in the home depending on your project and the outdoor elements that may be encountered. 

-Driveway/Walkways:  Please ensure there are clear pathways (free of snow/ ice/debris) prior to the Installation Craftsperson(s) arriving so they are able to safely access your space

Due to the environmental factors associated to outdoor tile in our climate Rice’s will not install any tile in an outdoor setting and/or application as Rice’s is not able to guarantee satisfaction with the project.  Rice’s does have a list of area tile places that you can call if you’d like to review installation with them.

Due to environmental factors in our local area Rice’s will not install outdoor carpet or flooring in campers; however Rice’s does carry in-stock as well as order in materials for these areas that are available for purchase.  If you may be looking for an installer please let the Rice’s team know and they can provide you with a list of people to contact.

Due to scheduling Rice’s is not able to ensure installation on the same day as home closings occur; however the Rice’s team will work with you to schedule an installation date that fits with both your and the installation teams schedules.

Rice’s works very hard to ensure our customers receive the service and products of the highest quality.  Due to the unknown timelines associated with prep following any tear out Rice’s would need to schedule tear out and installation on different dates and at different times.  To ensure your project and other projects are not delayed we encourage that if you may need to do any prep work you complete tear out to ensure you’re able to maintain your desired timelines.  Please note depending on your location additional mobilization charges may be incurred.

Rice’s is partnered with Hunter Douglas for window treatments.  Please note that Rice’s can only assist in repairs and/or remakes for material that has been ordered through Rice’s or Hunter Douglas.  Please note that although material may be covered under warranty any time and/or labor associated to window treatment repairs is billable to the customer.

Typically, the Rice’s team and subcontracting teams will not install a project unless a site visit has been completed before hand.  The goal of a site visit is to ensure there are no surprises for our customers or our installation teams.  Please know that there are certain instances when measurements, site pictures and detailed, thorough information is presented in which case the leadership team may approve an installation without a site visit.

Rice’s typically will leave furniture moving to the professionals (just ask a team member and they can provide a list of local businesses).  However, depending on the items that may need to be moved for your project our team may be able to help.  Please know that Rice’s will not move any pianos, pool tables, gas stoves, toilets, gas lines and/or water lines.  If you are needing Rice’s to move any furniture know that this is a billable charge and Rice’s requests any and all breakable/priceless/irreplaceable items and family heirlooms are removed before the team moves the furniture to ensure nothing is damaged.

Due to liabilities incurred by installing products not purchased at Rice’s, Rice’s is unable to install floor coverings purchased elsewhere.  All floor coverings have specific adhesives and installation specifications along with exact care and maintenance Rice’s may not be aware of.  Rice’s can provide you a list of people to contact should this concern arise. 

As flooring is something you’ll be utilizing every day the best way to ensure longevity is to follow proper care, maintenance and preventative action.  Unfortunately, any and all floor coverings can be damaged (scratched, dented, etc.) however doing these things will help ensure the longevity of your floor coverings.  Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on your flooring.  Utilizing proper cleaning techniques, ensure normal traffic, utilize floor protectors (please note most floors are not warranted for rolling chairs and/or electric wheelchairs) and make sure to review with the Rice’s team your lifestyle to see what options will work best for what you may be looking for out of your floors!

For walk-shower projects please reach out to a Rice’s RSA (Retail Service Associate) and he or she can give you a trending budgetary range for the Rice’s team to complete a shower project.  Rice’s will only complete tile projects if the site has been drywalled and is ready for installation.  Please know that at this time Rice’s will not complete any demo of currently installed tile and/or tiled showers.

I have a commercial tile project I would like the Rice’s team to complete, what does that process look like?

Please know that depending on the project size and scope there is a chance the Rice’s team may not be able to complete the project, however, please contact the Rice’s store to review and an RSA (Retail Service Associate) can discuss your project further.

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