Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Keep Your Hardwood Beautiful

DAILY Hardwood Care & Maintenance

To maintain the enduring beauty and optimal condition of your hardwood flooring, it's imperative to establish a consistent maintenance routine. Regular sweeping or dry mopping helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can scratch or damage your hardwood over time. Placing mats at doorways effectively reduces the tracking of dirt and grit from outside, maintaining the cleanliness of your hardwood. By following these practices, you can extend the lifespan and elegance of your hardwood floors.

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Spills can occur, but swift action is essential for preserving the appearance of your hardwood flooring. Act promptly to blot up any liquid spills and gently remove solid substances. Avoid rubbing, as this can potentially push the spill deeper into the wood or create scratches.

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When dealing with stains on your hardwood flooring, it's essential to consult your manufacturer's guide for guidance. This resource offers invaluable recommendations for cleaning solutions and techniques specifically designed to preserve your hardwood without risking damage or voiding your warranty.