Tile Installation

Professional Installation in Marshfield, WI

BEFORE Tile Installation

Proper preparation is essential for a smooth tile flooring installation day. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive checklist outlining all the necessary details for your installation day. It's important to have the rooms where your tile will be placed, cleared and prepared in advance, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Tile Installation

DURING Tile Installation

We require kids and pets to stay out of the installation area for their safety and the convenience of our installation craftsperson(s). Our team will complete the installation using industry standards while applying best practices. Having your space acclimated at the properly working climate-controlled temperature and relative humidity range is essential. The climate control is to be permanently operating a minimum of 2 weeks before installation, during installation and for the life of the home. Even if you are seasonally not in the space it is required to have climate control in the ranges set by the manufacturer to maintain warranty. Protect your investment by having and keeping your climate controlled.  


AFTER Tile Installation

After your tile flooring installation is complete, you may be asked to refrain from walking on it for a specific period to allow it to dry and set properly. While still maintaining climate control throughout the life of the tile be sure to use the proper care and maintenance supplied from the manufacturer(s). We do stock most recommended cleaners here at Rice’s More Than Floors. The initial couple cleanings may be more intense after the install due to the dust that is disturbed in your space from the removal of your old floors, the dust that was on your substrate and some dust or grout film generated from our team. Although we do our best to control dust expect dust in your space and surrounding spaces.